Counselor’s Corner

Counselor’s Corner

The Pulaski family is invested in the social and emotional development of each child through support in the classroom as well as through related services provided outside of the classroom. Teachers use Second Step, a social-emotional curriculum designed to support healthy and positive skills at a developmentally appropriate level for children ages kindergarten through eighth grade.

In addition, Pulaski is fortunate to have excellent support staff, including a staff person who leads student engagement, a social worker, a case manager / counselor, as well as other professional clinicians.

Here at Pulaski we encourage teachers and students to use the IB Approaches to Learning, or ATLs, to support learning as well as social and emotional development. ATLs include skills such as thinking skills, self-management skills, and communication skills.

Pulaski also implements a school-wide PBIS program, or Positive Behavior and Interventions and Support Program. Students enjoy monthly and quarterly celebrations as well as Student of the Month and shopping trips to the Saber Store.

Beyond social and emotional development, Pulaski strives to expose students to service and learning opportunities outside the school. Students participate in a yearly Career Day and eighth grade students attend a High School Fair and plan a community service project as part of their IB curriculum.

Overall, Pulaski has a holistic approach to supporting children as they grow and learn to become social beings and world citizens.