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MYP Design Students Win Inventables Contest for Illinois

The International Baccalaureate organization introduced the Design course into the MYP Programme in 2013. The MYP Design course was created to help students deepen their understanding of creation and innovation processes as well as providing students with the opportunity to apply various technologies to practice solving real-world problems. 

The MYP Design curriculum focuses on teaching students invaluable technical skills in various disciplines as well as equipping students with the 21st century skills including problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. The course is intended to provide students with opportunities to apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problems, explore the role of design in both historical and contemporary contexts, and consider their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action. Additionally, the MYP Design class aims to help students experience creating custom products based on the individualized needs of their clients in order to prepare them for future careers in fashion, food, graphic arts, industrial careers, multimedia, product, publications, video game design, web design, architecture, education, project management, roles in engineering, manufacturing, advertising, and media industries. Using the design cycle, students develop skills that will allow them to undertake new challenges, design and plan activities, and solve problems in a creative way in their future careers.

At Pulaski MYP Design is being taught to students in grades 6-8th. The mission of the Design Program at Pulaski is to empower students to take action by designing, creating, and building. In the Design Program at Pulaski, students develop their Design Thinking abilities and acquire necessary knowledge and technical skills that will enable students to be producers of knowledge in the future, rather than adhering to the traditional model of only being a consumer of knowledge. We believe students learn best when they are provided with hands-on opportunities and this is why students in our Design program are expected to produce, prototype, and build their own solutions. The program outcomes strive to spark students’ interest in design, manufacturing, and digital fabrication, as these fields are predicted to grow significantly over next 20 years and inevitably have an impact on our students’ futures. We hope to provide students with not only an exemplary class experience, but also provide them with basis for future education and training in order to prepare them for various careers in the future that may not even exist yet.

Our Design Studio is the center of our students’ creation and innovation. The Design Studio is located on the third floor in the main building, in room 306. The Studio is equipped with 30 computer stations with various software including Adobe Photoshop, Cubify Invent, SketchUp Pro. Additionally, in the Design Studio our students to have access to three 3D printers, a 3D scanner, a CNC milling machine, a vinyl cutter, a large format printer, a color printer, a sublimation printer, a heat press, 5 sewing stations, a drill press, a band saw, a smart response system, a projector station with sound surround, and a variety of power and hand tools. Over the last 2 years, the Design Program has grown significantly under Mr. Wojciaczyk’s direction. Currently, we are looking at expanding our Design Studio and adding additional equipment, such as a  laser cutter, to enhance our students’ experience. We hope to become a model Design Program for the Chicago region.

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