Performing Arts

As the music teacher/band director of Pulaski International School of Chicago, my goal is to strengthen the musical knowledge and creativity of all students.

Drumaine Green, B.M.Ed

Students study a wide variety of musical styles and genres in class; it is important that students receive a full perspective of different cultures and how music and culture have interacted throughout the years. Music has an essential connection to the core subjects taught in the regular classroom, such as reading, math, science, and history. Not only can  students apply music to what goes on in their general classes, but they also walk away with a new universal language.


Cadet Band – Grade 5

In beginning band for 5th graders, students learn the instruments’ families, history behind various genres and cultures, and the fundamentals of making music on their instruments. There are two performances held at school for parents and families. The Winter Concert is held before winter vacation and the Spring Concert is held at the end of the year. This class prepares students for understanding music as a whole, inside and outside of the classroom, as well as preparing them for an outstanding career in music if they choose to do so.

Concert Band – Grade 6-8

Once students complete Cadet Band, they are then eligible for Concert Band. This class prepares students for high school level music before graduating 8th grade. Students in Concert Band cover the history behind specific composers, marching band/jazz band repertoire, and advanced theory and ear training. The Concert Band performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts as well as other performances throughout the year. By 8th grade, a Concert Band student will have the ability to audition for high school concert bands and City-wide ensembles.


Grades K – 2

This class covers the essentials of music-making as well as the fundamentals of instrumental music. There is no written work, although students will be graded on performance and participation. The majority of music making will consist of singing and percussion instruments (hand drums).

Grades 3 – 4

In grades 3-4 students cover the fundamentals of music-making and take the next step into ensemble performances. In the beginning of the year, students learn basic notes and rhythms through familiar songs. As they become more advanced they learn to play the recorder and various percussion instruments. Students receive grades based on performance, participation, and written assessments.

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