Regional Gifted Center for English Language Learners

For native Spanish speakers who are gifted learners and high achievers

Se están aceptando Programa de Sobresalientes para Aprendices de Inglés por medio de Go CPS hasta el 8 de enero, 2021. Por favor visite para llenar la solicitud online o contacte a para mayor información. 

Pulaski International School of Chicago is home to one of the city’s three RGC-ELL.

This program is designed to give greater academic equity and opportunity to our students that are gifted learners and high achievers who also speak Spanish as their primary home language. 

The program emphasizes critical thinking, ethical reasoning, real world problem solving, and creativity. Students develop these skills through strategies designed for advanced learners as well as projects that are driven by students’ interests. Students thrive on an accelerated curriculum, and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Pulaski’s K-8 RGC-ELL offers:

  • Accelerated instruction in math and literacy
  • An enriched and culturally inclusive curriculum in literacy, science, and social science
  • Content instruction in the student’s primary language, Spanish
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, grades pre-K to 8th
  • Free busing for qualifying students

About RGC-ELL Teachers

CPS selects only the highest quality candidates, who participate in extensive professional development. 

Teachers in the RGC-ELL are fluent in English and Spanish as well as trained in gifted education and the IB teaching framework. Teachers work collaboratively across grade levels to continuously refine and revise their units of study, teaching strategies, language model, resources and materials to meet the needs of their students.

Gifted Program for English Language Learners Applications

Applications for the Pulaski International Gifted Program for English Language Learners are now being accepted through Go CPS until January 8, 2021. Please visit to apply online or contact for more information.