Supply Lists

School Fee – $75

In order to offset costs, each student is expected to pay a school fee of $75, which will be collected from students at the start of the school year. The fee will be used to purchase an agenda book for 2nd– 8thgrades; instructional materials, including classroom workbooks and Scholastic magazines; and technology repairs.

Please send your child’s student fee to his/her teacher by October 1st. If circumstances do not allow you to meet this deadline, please make special arrangements at the Main office.

Middle School (5th-8th grade) Technology Fee – $50

This additional fee is only for 5th-8th graders who receive a school-issued Chromebook for use at home and while at school. The fee covers repair of a computer that is accidentally damaged, dropped, spilled on, zapped by an electrical surge, etc. The current costs to replace miscellaneous parts that are damaged by the user, lost, or stolen: AC Power Adapter: $25, Chromebook: $250, Screen: $50, Battery: $25

Supply Lists