Virtual Parent Workshops

Pulaski PAC and BAC Parent Workshops

CPS District-wide Virtual Parent Workshops

Hosted by FACE to Face, Parent University, and the CPS Office of Diverse Learners


Family and Community Engagement (FACE) has launched a series of virtual workshops called FACE2Face to help families build on their strengths in areas of academics, mental health, social emotional learning, technology assistance and arts and self-care. 

Come join us each week as we take this journey to teach and strengthen both ourselves and our children.  

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) ha lanzado una serie de talleres virtuales llamados FACE2Face para ayudar a las familias a desarrollar sus fortalezas en áreas académicas, salud mental, aprendizaje socioemocional, asistencia tecnológica y artes y cuidado personal.

Únase a nosotros cada semana en este viaje para enseñar y fortalecer tanto a nosotros mismos como a nuestros hijos.

Click Here for Parent Workshops for week of 6/7/21

Pulaski PAC Virtual Parent Workshops

Pulaski PAC Parent Virtual Workshop with SEL Chicago

Downloadable Tools and Handouts from the parent workshops

Learning Charts to Support Parents